Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dollie Giveaway for Your Help!

I want so badly to continue blogging but for some reason I can't upload any photos.

As soon as I click on the link to add photos, not matter if it's from my computer or anywhere else, I get this dot that appears and changes from red, blue, green and yellow and it will not allow me to upload the photos.  I've tried other web browsers but nothing is working.

Can someone help me with this!  I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, as I have spent days and hours trying to fix it.  If someone can help me, there will be a little dollie giveaway for your help.

Warm wishes,


Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

I am no computer wizard but check to see if your browser is supported by blogger. I recently got a new computer and have been having some challenges too. Blogger is a little behind the time right now - so maybe that is the issue. They also have a forum in their help section. I have received some help there in the past. Good luck - I hope you continue to blog! Your work and world is simply amazing! Such talent

Kaerie Faerie said...

Hi Evelyn, would be glad to have you blogging since I'm no longer on FB. The same thing happened to me awhile ago. This is what I did
I deleted all pictures cleaned the whole site up to minimal just the posts and my shop. The less pictures the better, after all blogging is like a diary. Blogspot gets over loaded, so Spring cleaning is the best way to get back
your fairy friend Karey

kdduncan said...

Did you find this in the help section?

Trouble uploading pictures

If you are trying to upload images in Blogger and find this feature behaving oddly or simply not working, then try the following suggestions:

Turn off your popup blocker. Sometimes popup blockers will prevent the image upload window from appearing.

You can also add as an approved site in your popup blocker settings, so you don't have to disable it entirely.

Disable any plugins you have installed on your browser. Plugins can occasionally cause incompatibilities with some web applications, like Blogger's post editor, so it's good to test this and see if it has any effect.

Try using a different browser. The latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Windows Internet Explorer will usually give the best results. If you're already using one of those, give the others a try.

Clear your browser's cache and cookies. Always recommended, in case the problem has already been resolved but you're still getting old data from your browser.