Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Teeny Tiny Doll and Little Paintings...


 She's just a wee 5 inches tall and is fully pose-able.

 She is very quiet....she likes to read books

and enjoys playing jacks.

She also loves to sit on Aunt Bettie's lap.

Nina has already been adopted, Thank you!


Here are some oil paintings that I finally finished.
A little Antelope, Bull, Deer and Ram.
3" x 4" oil on canvas.


Vilde D. Ulriksen said...

The doll is just wonderful. I can barely stop staring at the haunting faces of your dolls. They seem so alive, so full of soul!

The paintings are just stunning as well. Those anguished eyes actually fills my own eyes with tears.

You are amazing.

Anthropomorphica said...

Such a precious little one and she looks so at home on Aunt Bettie's lap!
Beautiful paintings too, Mum-in-law to be must be thrilled. Congratulations my Dear One!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, words cannot express how beautiful these paintings are! Your Mother In Law is very lucky!!!!!!

PS - The pictures of Nina are superb! They are stunning! I am in love :)