Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Painting Video and Some Finished Works...


I thought it would be fun to show a little video, of a painting I finished and a bit of the process it goes through.

I hope to have this painting available in my etsy shop by the end of this year, as I have to wait for the oil paint to dry (6 months) then I have to varnish it. I love that part because the colors come back to life again.

Here she is all finished!

"They watched as she fed the little bird"
8"x10" Oil Painting on Canvas

I actually did this painting in a small series of three, so here are the other two paintings that will accompany it.

"Fox Mount"
4"x5" Oil Painting on Canvas

and the two headed baby goat that I'm still working on.

" Two Headed Baby Goat"
5"x7" Oil Painting on Canvas

All three paintings will be available on antique frames.


Here is a painting that I just finished.

"She watched as it rained"
5"x7" Acrylic Painting on a flat canvas panel.

This painting is now available in my etsy shop.

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend!


at-the-attic said...


Ana Camamiel said...

All your paintings are wonderful. It´s like magic to see the work in progress. Hugs!

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Amber said...

Beautiful and eerie paintings. It was fun seeing the progression of the top painting in your video. I like the color's you chose for that painting.

Anthropomorphica said...

wonderful paintings my dear, I loved seeing the progression of your painting :)